Lie access neural Turing machine

Greg Yang

Machine Learning mathscidoc:1912.43158

arXiv preprint arXiv:1602.08671, 2016.2
Following the recent trend in explicit neural memory structures, we present a new design of an external memory, wherein memories are stored in an Euclidean key space \mathbb R^ n . An LSTM controller performs read and write via specialized read and write heads. It can move a head by either providing a new address in the key space (aka random access) or moving from its previous position via a Lie group action (aka Lie access). In this way, the" L" and" R" instructions of a traditional Turing Machine are generalized to arbitrary elements of a fixed Lie group action. For this reason, we name this new model the Lie Access Neural Turing Machine, or LANTM.
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  title={Lie access neural Turing machine},
  author={Greg Yang},
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Greg Yang. Lie access neural Turing machine. 2016. In arXiv preprint arXiv:1602.08671.
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