Lifting of elements of Weyl groups

Jeffrey Adams Xuhua He

Representation Theory mathscidoc:1912.43211

Journal of Algebra, 485, 142-165, 2017.9
Suppose G is a reductive algebraic group, T is a Cartan subgroup of G, N= Norm (T), and W= N/T is the Weyl group. If w W has order d, it is natural to ask about the orders lifts of w to N. It is straightforward to see that the minimal order of a lift of w has order d or 2d, but it can be a subtle question which holds. We first consider the question of when W itself lifts to a subgroup of N (in which case every element of W lifts to an element of N of the same order). We then consider two natural classes of elements: regular and elliptic. In the latter case all lifts of w are conjugate, and therefore have the same order. We also consider the twisted case.
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  title={Lifting of elements of Weyl groups},
  author={Jeffrey Adams, and Xuhua He},
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Jeffrey Adams, and Xuhua He. Lifting of elements of Weyl groups. 2017. Vol. 485. In Journal of Algebra. pp.142-165.
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