Some recent results on compressible flow with vacuum

Tong Yang

Fluid Dynamics and Shock Waves mathscidoc:1912.43976

Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics, 4, (1), 33-44, 2000
In this paper, we will survey some recent results on the study of the viscous and invisid compressible flow with vacuum. It is wellknown that the study on vacuum has significance in the investigation on some important physical phenomena. However, most of the important questions about vacuum are still open due to the singularities caused by vacuum which need new mathematical tools and techniques to handle.
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  title={Some recent results on compressible flow with vacuum},
  author={Tong Yang},
  booktitle={Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics},
Tong Yang. Some recent results on compressible flow with vacuum. 2000. Vol. 4. In Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics. pp.33-44.
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