Formulas for Partial Entanglement Entropy

Qiang Wen Shing-Tung Yau Center of Southeast University

Theoretical Physics mathscidoc:2005.39001

Physical Review Research In press, 1, (1), 22
The partial entanglement entropy (PEE) $s_{\mathcal{A}}(\mathcal{A}_i)$ characterizes how much the subset $\mathcal{A}_i$ of $\mathcal{A}$ contribute to the entanglement entropy $S_{\mathcal{A}}$. We find one additional physical requirement for $s_{\mathcal{A}}(\mathcal{A}_i)$, which is the invariance under a permutation. The partial entanglement entropy proposal satisfies all the physical requirements. We show that for Poincar\'e invariant theories the physical requirements are enough to uniquely determine the PEE (or the entanglement contour) to satisfy a general formula. This is the first time we find the PEE can be uniquely determined. Since the solution of the requirements is unique and the \textit{PEE proposal} is a solution, the \textit{PEE proposal} is justified for Poincar\'e invariant theories.
quantum entanglement, partial entanglement entropy
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  • Set up a new measurement for quantum entanglement
  title={Formulas for Partial Entanglement Entropy},
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Qiang Wen. Formulas for Partial Entanglement Entropy. Vol. 1. In Physical Review Research In press. pp.22.
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