Finite W-superalgebras via super Yangians

Yung-Ning Peng National Central University

Quantum Algebra Representation Theory mathscidoc:2103.29001

Advances in Mathematics, 377, 107459, 2021
Let e be an arbitrary even nilpotent element in the general linear Lie super- algebra glM|N and let We be the associated finite W-superalgebra. Let Ym|n be the super Yangian associated to the Lie superalgebra glm|n. A subalgebra of Ym|n, called the shifted super Yangian and denoted by Ym|n(σ), is defined and studied. Moreover, an explicit iso- morphism between We and a quotient of Ym|n(σ) is established.
finite W-superalgebra, shifted super Yangian
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  title={Finite W-superalgebras via super Yangians},
  author={Yung-Ning Peng},
  booktitle={Advances in Mathematics},
Yung-Ning Peng. Finite W-superalgebras via super Yangians. 2021. Vol. 377. In Advances in Mathematics. pp.107459.
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