Generalised Springer correspondence for Z/m-graded Lie algebras

Wille Shih-Wei Liu MPIM Bonn

Representation Theory mathscidoc:2202.30002

ASENS, 2021.11
Let $G$ be a simple simply connected algebraic group and let $\mathfrak{g}_*$ be a $\mathbf{Z}/m$-grading on its Lie algebra $\mathfrak{g}$. G. Lusztig and Z. Yun, in a recent series of articles, studied the classification of simple $G_0$-equivariant perverse sheaves on the nilpotent cone of $\mathfrak{g}_i$ for $i\in \mathbf{Z}/m$, where $G_0$ is the exponentiation of the degree zero piece $\mathfrak{g}_0$. They proved a decomposition of the equivariant derived category of $\ell$-adic sheaves on the nilpotent cone of $\mathfrak{g}_i$ into blocks, each generated by a certain cuspidal local system via the procedure of {\itshape spiral inductions}. We prove a conjecture of them, stating that there is a bijection between 1) the set of simple perverse sheaves in a fixed block and 2) the set of simple modules of a block of a (trigonometric) degenerate double affine Hecke algebra (dDAHA). This is a dDAHA analogue of the Deligne--Langlands correspondence for affine Hecke algebras proven by Kazhdan--Lusztig. Our results generalise a previous work of E. Vasserot, where the perverse sheaves in the principal block were considered.
Springer theory, double affine Hecke algebra
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  • date of acceptance: 11/2021; arXiv:1806.10791
  title={Generalised Springer correspondence for Z/m-graded Lie algebras},
  author={Wille Shih-Wei Liu},
Wille Shih-Wei Liu. Generalised Springer correspondence for Z/m-graded Lie algebras. 2021. In ASENS.
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