Virtual Fundamental Classes of Zero Loci

David A. Cox Department of Mathematics \& Computer Science, Amherst College, Amherst MA 01002 Sheldon Katz Department of Mathematics, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK 74078 Yuan-Pin Lee Department of Mathematics, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84112

Algebraic Geometry mathscidoc:2204.45028

Let V be a convex vector bundle over a smooth projective manifold X, and let Y be the subset of X which is the zero locus of a regular section of V. This mostly expository paper discusses a conjecture which relates the virtual fundamental classes of X and Y. Using an argument due to Gathmann, we prove a special case of the conjecture. The paper concludes with a discussion of how our conjecture relates to the mirror theorems in the literature.
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  title={Virtual Fundamental Classes of Zero Loci},
  author={David A. Cox, Sheldon Katz, and Yuan-Pin Lee},
David A. Cox, Sheldon Katz, and Yuan-Pin Lee. Virtual Fundamental Classes of Zero Loci. 2000.
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