On rationality for C_2-cofinite vertex operator algebras

Robert McRae Tsinghua University

Category Theory Mathematical Physics Quantum Algebra Representation Theory mathscidoc:2204.04010

Let V be an N-graded, simple, self-contragredient, C_2-cofinite vertex operator algebra. We show that if the S-transformation of the character of V is a linear combination of characters of V-modules, then the category C of grading-restricted generalized V-modules is a rigid tensor category. We further show, without any assumption on the character of V but assuming that C is rigid, that C is a factorizable finite ribbon category, that is, a not-necessarily-semisimple modular tensor category. As a consequence, we show that if the Zhu algebra of V is semisimple, then C is semisimple and thus V is rational. The proofs of these theorems use techniques and results from tensor categories together with the method of Moore-Seiberg and Huang for deriving identities of two-point genus-one correlation functions associated to V. We give two main applications. First, we prove the conjecture of Kac-Wakimoto and Arakawa that C_2-cofinite affine W-algebras obtained via quantum Drinfeld-Sokolov reduction of admissible-level affine vertex algebras are strongly rational. The proof uses the recent result of Arakawa and van Ekeren that such W-algebras have semisimple (Ramond twisted) Zhu algebras. Second, we use our rigidity results to reduce the "coset rationality problem" to the problem of C2-cofiniteness for the coset. That is, given a vertex operator algebra inclusion U⊗V↪A with A, U strongly rational and U, V a pair of mutual commutant subalgebras in A, we show that V is also strongly rational provided it is C_2-cofinite.
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  • arXiv:2108.01898
  title={On rationality for C_2-cofinite vertex operator algebras},
  author={Robert McRae},
Robert McRae. On rationality for C_2-cofinite vertex operator algebras. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20220415174551464283058.
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