Ribbon tensor structure on the full representation categories of the singlet vertex algebras

Thomas Creutzig University of Alberta Robert McRae Tsinghua University Jinwei Yang Shanghai Jiaotong University

Category Theory Mathematical Physics Quantum Algebra Representation Theory mathscidoc:2204.04011

Advances in Mathematics, 413, 108828, 2023.1
We show that the category of finite-length generalized modules for the singlet vertex algebra M(p), p∈Z_+, is equal to the category O_M(p) of C_1-cofinite M(p)-modules, and that this category admits the vertex algebraic braided tensor category structure of Huang-Lepowsky-Zhang. Since O_M(p) includes the uncountably many typical M(p)-modules, which are simple M(p)-module structures on Heisenberg Fock modules, our results substantially extend our previous work on tensor categories of atypical M(p)-modules. We also introduce a tensor subcategory O_M(p)^T, graded by an algebraic torus T, which has enough projectives and is conjecturally tensor equivalent to the category of finite-dimensional weight modules for the unrolled restricted quantum group of sl_2 at a 2pth root of unity. We compute all tensor products involving simple and projective M(p)-modules, and we prove that both tensor categories O_M(p) and O_M(p)^T are rigid and thus also ribbon. As an application, we use vertex operator algebra extension theory to show that the representation categories of all finite cyclic orbifolds of the triplet vertex algebras W(p) are non-semisimple modular tensor categories, and we confirm a conjecture of Adamović-Lin-Milas on the classification of simple modules for these finite cyclic orbifolds.
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  • arXiv:2202.05496
  title={Ribbon tensor structure on the full representation categories of the singlet vertex algebras},
  author={Thomas Creutzig, Robert McRae, and Jinwei Yang},
  booktitle={Advances in Mathematics},
Thomas Creutzig, Robert McRae, and Jinwei Yang. Ribbon tensor structure on the full representation categories of the singlet vertex algebras. 2023. Vol. 413. In Advances in Mathematics. pp.108828. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20220415174955314025059.
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