Effects of radius ratio on annular centrifugal Rayleigh-Benard convection

Dongpu Wang Tsinghua University Hechuan Jiang Tsinghua University Shuang Liu Tsinghua University Xiaojue Zhu Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Chao Sun Tsinghua University

Fluid Dynamics and Shock Waves mathscidoc:2205.14004

Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 930, 2021.11
We report on a three-dimensional direct numerical simulation study of flow structure and heat transport in the annular centrifugal Rayleigh-Bdnard convection (ACRBC) system, with cold inner and hot outer cylinders corotating axially, for the Rayleigh number range Ra is an element of [10(6), 10(8)] and radius ratio range eta = R-i/R-o is an element of [0.3, 0.9] (R-i and R-o are the radius of the inner and outer cylinders, respectively). This study focuses on the dependence of flow dynamics, heat transport and asymmetric mean temperature fields on the radius ratio eta. For the inverse Rossby number Ro(-1) = 1, as the Coriolis force balances inertial force, the flow is in the inertial regime. The mechanisms of zonal flow revolving in the prograde direction in this regime are attributed to the asymmetric movements of plumes and the different curvatures of the cylinders. The number of roll pairs is smaller than the circular roll hypothesis as the convection rolls are probably elongated by zonal flow. The physical mechanism of zonal flow is verified by the dependence of the drift frequency of the large-scale circulation (LSC) rolls and the space- and time-averaged azimuthal velocity on eta. The larger eta is, the weaker the zonal flow becomes. We show that the heat transport efficiency increases with eta. It is also found that the bulk temperature deviates from the arithmetic mean temperature and the deviation increases as eta decreases. This effect can be explained by a simple model that accounts for the curvature effects and the radially dependent centrifugal force in ACRBC.
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Dongpu Wang, Hechuan Jiang, Shuang Liu, Xiaojue Zhu, and Chao Sun. Effects of radius ratio on annular centrifugal Rayleigh-Benard convection. 2021. Vol. 930. In Journal of Fluid Mechanics. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20220517142336720466219.
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