More Toda-like (0,2) mirrors

Zhuo Chen Virginia Tech Jirui Guo Virginia Tech Eric Sharpe Virginia Tech Ruoxu Wu Virginia Tech

Mathematical Physics Algebraic Geometry arXiv subject: High Energy Physics - Theory (hep-th) mathscidoc:2205.22004

Journal of High Energy Physics, 2017.8
In this paper, we extend our previous work to construct (0, 2) Toda-like mirrors to A/2-twisted theories on more general spaces, as part of a program of understanding (0,2) mirror symmetry. Specifically, we propose (0, 2) mirrors to GLSMs on toric del Pezzo surfaces and Hirzebruch surfaces with deformations of the tangent bundle. We check the results by comparing correlation functions, global symmetries, as well as geometric blowdowns with the corresponding (0, 2) Toda-like mirrors. We also briefly discuss Grassmannian manifolds.
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  title={More Toda-like (0,2) mirrors},
  author={Zhuo Chen, Jirui Guo, Eric Sharpe, and Ruoxu Wu},
  booktitle={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Zhuo Chen, Jirui Guo, Eric Sharpe, and Ruoxu Wu. More Toda-like (0,2) mirrors. 2017. In Journal of High Energy Physics.
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