Aspects of ABJM orbifolds with discrete torsion

Mauricio Andrés Romo Jorquera

arXiv subject: High Energy Physics - Theory (hep-th) mathscidoc:2206.74007

We analyze orbifolds with discrete torsion of the ABJM theory by a finite subgroup Γ of SU(2)×SU(2) . Discrete torsion is implemented by twisting the crossed product algebra resulting after orbifolding. It is shown that, in general, the order m of the cocycle we chose to twist the algebra by enters in a non trivial way in the moduli space. To be precise, the M-theory fiber is multiplied by a factor of m in addition to the other effects that were found before in the literature. Therefore we got a Zk|Γ|m action on the fiber. We present a general analysis on how this quotient arises along with a detailed analysis of the cases where Γ is abelian.
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  title={Aspects of ABJM orbifolds with discrete torsion},
  author={Mauricio Andrés Romo Jorquera},
Mauricio Andrés Romo Jorquera. Aspects of ABJM orbifolds with discrete torsion. 2010.
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