Secure Variants of the Square Encryption Scheme

Crystal Lee Clough Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Jintai Ding University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH USA; Southern Chinese University of Technology

TBD mathscidoc:2207.43046

PQCrypto 2010, 153–164, 2010.5
This paper discusses two encryption schemes to fix the Square scheme. Square+ uses the Plus modification of appending randomly chosen polynomials. Double-Layer Square uses a construction similar to some signature schemes, splitting the variables into two layers, one of which depends on the other.
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  title={Secure Variants of the Square Encryption Scheme},
  author={Crystal Lee Clough, and Jintai Ding},
  booktitle={PQCrypto 2010},
Crystal Lee Clough, and Jintai Ding. Secure Variants of the Square Encryption Scheme. 2010. In PQCrypto 2010. pp.153–164.
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