About the strong EULER-GOLDBACH conjecture

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Number Theory mathscidoc:2211.24001

14, 2022.7
In this article, we define a “ recursive local” algorithm in order to construct two reccurent numerical sequences of positive prime numbers (𝑈2𝑛) and (𝑉2𝑛), ((𝑈2𝑛) function of (𝑉2𝑛)), such that for any integer n≥ 2, their sum is 2n. To build these , we use a third sequence of prime numbers (𝑊2𝑛) defined for any integer n≥ 3 by : 𝑊2𝑛 = Sup(p∈IP : p ≤ 2n-3), where IP is the infinite set of positive prime numbers. The Goldbach conjecture has been verified for all even integers 2n between 4 and 4.1018. . In the Table of Goldbach sequence terms given in paragraph § 10, we reach values of the order of 2n= 101000 . Thus, thanks to this algorithm of “ascent and descent”, we can validate the strong Euler-Goldbach conjecture.
Keywords. Prime numbers, Prime Number Theorem, weak and strong Goldbach’s conjectures, Dirichlet’s theorem, Bertrand-Tchebychev theorem
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  title={About the strong EULER-GOLDBACH conjecture},
SAINTY. About the strong EULER-GOLDBACH conjecture. 2022. pp.14. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20221119152344916711738.
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