An Alexander polynomial for MOY graphs

Yuanyuan Bao University of Tokyo Zhongtao Wu Chinese University of Hong Kong

Geometric Analysis and Geometric Topology mathscidoc:2307.15001

Selecta Math. (N.S.), 26, 2020.4
We introduce an Alexander polynomial for MOY graphs. For a framed trivalent MOY graph G, we refine the construction and obtain a framed ambient isotopy invariant \Delta(G,c)(t). The invariant \Delta(G,c)(t) satisfies a series of relations, which we call MOY type relations, and conversely these relations determine \Delta(G,c)(t). Using them we provide a graphical definition of the Alexander polynomial of a link. Finally, we discuss some properties and applications of our invariants.
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  title={An Alexander polynomial for MOY graphs},
  author={Yuanyuan Bao, and Zhongtao Wu},
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Yuanyuan Bao, and Zhongtao Wu. An Alexander polynomial for MOY graphs. 2020. Vol. 26. In Selecta Math. (N.S.).
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