Remarks on Hall algebras of triangulated categories

Jie Xiao Tsinghua University Fan Xu Tsinghua University

Category Theory Quantum Algebra mathscidoc:1610.04001

In this paper, we introduce a motivic version of To¨en’s derived Hall algebra. Then we point out that the two kinds of Hall algebras in the sense of To¨en and Kontsevich–Soibelman, respectively, are Drinfeld dual pairs, not only in the classical case (by counting over finite fields) but also in the motivic version. Consequently they are canonically isomorphic. All proofs, including that for the most important associative property, are deduced in a self-contained way by analyzing the symmetry properties around the octahedral axiom, a method we used previously
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  title={Remarks on Hall algebras of triangulated categories},
  author={Jie Xiao, and Fan Xu},
Jie Xiao, and Fan Xu. Remarks on Hall algebras of triangulated categories.
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