Canonical bases and quantum coordinate algebras

Li Bin Tsinghua University Hechun Zhang Tsinghua University

Quantum Algebra mathscidoc:1610.29004

Journal of Algebra
Some filtrations of the tensor product of a highest weight module and a lowest weight module over quantum group Uq(g)are constructed in[1]and one can use them to define a two-sided ideal of the modified quantized enveloping algebra. It is shown that the quotient algebra inherits a canonical basis from the modified quantized enveloping algebra and is dual to the quantum coordinate algebra defined by Kashiwara for a symmetrizable Kac–Moody algebra g.
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  title={Canonical bases and quantum coordinate algebras},
  author={Li Bin, and Hechun Zhang},
  booktitle={Journal of Algebra },
Li Bin, and Hechun Zhang. Canonical bases and quantum coordinate algebras. In Journal of Algebra .
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