Vertex algebras and quantum master equation

Si Li Tsinghua

Mathematical Physics mathscidoc:1701.22007

We study the effective Batalin-Vilkovisky quantization theory for chiral deformation of two dimensional conformal field theories. We establish an exact correspondence between renormalized quantum master equations for effective functionals and Maurer-Cartan equations for chiral vertex operators. The generating functions are proven to have modular property with mild holo- morphic anomaly. As an application, we construct an exact solution of quan- tum B-model (BCOV theory) in complex one dimension that solves the higher genus mirror symmetry conjecture on elliptic curves.
vertex algebra, quantization, BV, mirror, CFT
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  title={Vertex algebras and quantum master equation },
  author={Si Li},
Si Li. Vertex algebras and quantum master equation .
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