Segmented strings from a different angle

David Vegh Harvard University CMSA, Institute for Advanced Study, CERN

Publications of CMSA of Harvard mathscidoc:1702.38056

Segmented strings in flat space are piecewise linear classical string solutions. Kinks between the segments move with the speed of light and their worldlines form a lattice on the worldsheet. This idea can be generalized to AdS3 where the embedding is built from AdS2 patches. The construction provides an exact discretization of the non-linear string equations of motion. This paper computes the area of segmented strings using cross-ratios constructed from the kink vectors. The cross-ratios can be expressed in terms of either left-handed or right-handed variables. The string equation of motion in AdS3 is reduced to that of an integrable time-discretized relativistic Toda-type lattice. Positive solutions yield string embeddings that are unique up to global transformations. In the appendix, the Poincare target space energy is computed by integrating the worldsheet current along kink worldlines and a formula is derived for the integrated scalar curvature of the embedding.
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  title={Segmented strings from a different angle},
  author={David Vegh},
David Vegh. Segmented strings from a different angle.
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