Geometric realizations of Lusztig's symmetries

Jie Xiao Tsinghua University Minghui Zhao Beijing Forestry University

Quantum Algebra Representation Theory mathscidoc:1702.29002

Distinguished Paper Award in 2017

Journal of Algebra, 475, 392-422, 2017.4
In this paper, we give geometric realizations of Lusztig's symmetries. We also give projective resolutions of a kind of standard modules. By using the geometric realizations and the projective resolutions, we obtain the categorification of the formulas of Lusztig's symmetries.
Lusztig's symmetries, Standard modules, Projective resolutions
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  title={Geometric realizations of Lusztig's symmetries},
  author={Jie Xiao, and Minghui Zhao},
  booktitle={Journal of Algebra},
Jie Xiao, and Minghui Zhao. Geometric realizations of Lusztig's symmetries. 2017. Vol. 475. In Journal of Algebra. pp.392-422.
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