Acute Triangulation of Rectangles

Yibin Zhang Hangzhou Foreign Languages School Xiaoyang Sun Hangzhou Foreign Languages School Zhiyuan Fan Hangzhou Xuejun High School

S.-T. Yau High School Science Awarded Papers mathscidoc:1702.35001

We proved in this paper that 14 triangles are necessary to triangulate a square with every angle no more than 72◦, answering an unsolved problem proposed by Professor D.Eppstein. At first, computer is used to search for topologically feasible solutions of triangulations of a rectangle. Then the geometric feasibility is analyzed case by case by plane geometry. We also proved that any rectangle can be 72◦ triangulated if the number of triangles is not limited.
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  • Honorable Mention
  title={Acute Triangulation of Rectangles},
  author={Yibin Zhang, Xiaoyang Sun, and Zhiyuan Fan},
Yibin Zhang, Xiaoyang Sun, and Zhiyuan Fan. Acute Triangulation of Rectangles. 2016.
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