Lp mixed geominimal surfacearea

Baocheng Zhu Hubei University for Nationalities Jiazu Zhou Southwest University Wenxue Xu Southwest University

Convex and Discrete Geometry mathscidoc:1703.09002

This paper deals with Lp geominimal surface area and its extension to Lp mixed geominimal surface area. We give an integral formula of Lp geominimal surface area by the p-Petty body and introduce the concept of Lp mixed geominimal surface area which is a natural extension of Lp geominimal surface area. Some inequalities, such as, analogues of Alexandrov–Fenchel inequalities, Blaschke–Santaló inequalities, and affine isoperimetric inequalities for Lp mixed geominimal surface areas are obtained.
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  title={Lp mixed geominimal surfacearea},
  author={Baocheng Zhu, Jiazu Zhou, and Wenxue Xu},
Baocheng Zhu, Jiazu Zhou, and Wenxue Xu. Lp mixed geominimal surfacearea. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20170322010024983062722.
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