Composed inclusions of A3 and A4subfactors

ZhengweiLiu Vanderbilt University

Quantum Algebra Spectral Theory and Operator Algebra mathscidoc:1705.29001

Distinguished Paper Award in 2017

AdvancesinMathematics, 279, 307–371, 2015
In this article, we classify all standard invariants that can arise from a composed inclusion of an A3with an A4subfactor. More precisely, if N⊂P is an A3subfactor and P⊂M is an A4subfactor, then only four standard invariants can arise from the composed inclusion N⊂M. We answer a question posed by Bisch and Haagerup in 1994. The techniques of this paper also show that there are exactly four standard invariants for the composed inclusion of two A4subfactors.
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  title={Composed inclusions of A3 and A4subfactors},
ZhengweiLiu. Composed inclusions of A3 and A4subfactors. 2015. Vol. 279. In AdvancesinMathematics. pp.307–371.
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