Ding-Iohara algebras and quantum vertex algebras

Haisheng Li Rutgers University shaobin Tan Xiamen University Qing Wang Xiamen University

Quantum Algebra Representation Theory mathscidoc:1706.29001

In this paper, we associate quantum vertex algebras to a certain family of associative algebras $\widetilde{\A}(g)$ which are essentially Ding-Iohara algebras. To do this, we introduce another closely related family of associative algebras $\A(h)$. The associated quantum vertex algebras are based on the vacuum modules for $\A(h)$, whereas $\phi$-coordinated modules for these quantum vertex algebras are associated to $\widetilde{A}(g)$-modules. Furthermore, we classify their irreducible $\phi$-coordinated modules.
Ding-Iohara algebras, quantum vertex algebras
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  title={Ding-Iohara algebras and quantum vertex algebras},
  author={Haisheng Li, shaobin Tan, and Qing Wang},
Haisheng Li, shaobin Tan, and Qing Wang. Ding-Iohara algebras and quantum vertex algebras. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20170609093652772394790.
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