Harmonic Maps Between Alexandrov Spaces

Jia-Cheng Huang Sun Yat-sen University Hui-Chun Zhang Sun Yat-sen University

Differential Geometry Metric Geometry mathscidoc:1908.10004

J. Geom. Anal, 27, 1355-1392
In this paper, we shall discuss the existence, uniqueness and regularity of harmonic maps from an Alexandrov space into a geodesic space with curvature 􏰢 1 in the sense of Alexandrov.
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  title={Harmonic Maps Between Alexandrov Spaces},
  author={Jia-Cheng Huang, and Hui-Chun Zhang},
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Jia-Cheng Huang, and Hui-Chun Zhang. Harmonic Maps Between Alexandrov Spaces. Vol. 27. In J. Geom. Anal. pp.1355-1392. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20190816233718711151410.
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