Front propagation in heterogeneous media

Jack Xin

Analysis of PDEs mathscidoc:1912.43838

SIAM review, 42, (2), 161-230, 2000
A review is presented of recent results on front propagation in reaction-diffusion-advection equations in homogeneous and heterogeneous media. Formal asymptotic expansions and heuristic ideas are used to motivate the results wherever possible. The fronts include constant-speed monotone traveling fronts in homogeneous media, periodically varying traveling fronts in periodic media, and fluctuating and fractal fronts in random media. These fronts arise in a wide range of applications such as chemical kinetics, combustion, biology, transport in porous media, and industrial deposition processes. Open problems are briefly discussed along the way.
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  title={Front propagation in heterogeneous media},
  author={Jack Xin},
  booktitle={SIAM review},
Jack Xin. Front propagation in heterogeneous media. 2000. Vol. 42. In SIAM review. pp.161-230.
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