On the constant scalar curvature K\"ahler metrics-existence results

Xiuxiong Chen Stony Brook University Jingrui Cheng Stony Brook University

Metric Geometry arXiv subject: Differential Geometry (math.DG) mathscidoc:2005.23001

In this paper, we generalize our apriori estimates on cscK(constant scalar curvature K\"ahler) metric equation \cite{cc1} to more general scalar curvature type equations (e.g., twisted cscK metric equation). As applications, under the assumption that the automorphism group is discrete, we prove the celebrated Donaldson's conjecture that the non-existence of cscK metric is equivalent to the existence of a destabilized geodesic ray where the $K$-energy is non-increasing. Moreover, we prove that the properness of $K$-energy in terms of $L^1$ geodesic distance $d_1$ in the space of K\"ahler potentials implies the existence of cscK metric. Finally, we prove that weak minimizers of the $K$-energy in $(\mathcal{E}^1, d_1)$ are smooth. The continuity path proposed in \cite{chen15} is instrumental in this proof.
cscK metrics, properness conjecture, geodesic stability
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  title={On the constant scalar curvature K\"ahler metrics-existence results},
  author={Xiuxiong Chen, and Jingrui Cheng},
Xiuxiong Chen, and Jingrui Cheng. On the constant scalar curvature K\"ahler metrics-existence results. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20200513035806291011674.
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