Stability conditions and A2 quivers

Tom Bridgeland University of Sheffield Yu Qiu Tsinghua University Tom Sutherland University of Sheffield

Representation Theory Algebraic Geometry mathscidoc:2012.30001

Advances in Mathematics, 365, 107049, 2020.5
For each integer we describe the space of stability conditions on the derived category of the n-dimensional Ginzburg algebra associated to the A2 quiver. The form of our results points to a close relationship between these spaces and the Frobenius-Saito structure on the unfolding space of the A2 singularity.
Stability conditionsCalabi-Yau categoriesFrobenius structureQuiver
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  title={Stability conditions and A2 quivers},
  author={Tom Bridgeland, Yu Qiu, and Tom Sutherland},
  booktitle={Advances in Mathematics},
Tom Bridgeland, Yu Qiu, and Tom Sutherland. Stability conditions and A2 quivers. 2020. Vol. 365. In Advances in Mathematics. pp.107049.
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