Pseudo-Neron model and restriction of sections

Santai Qu YMSC and Stony Brook University

Algebraic Geometry mathscidoc:2205.45004

Michigan Math. J., 2022.6
We introduce the notion of pseudo-N´eron model and give new examples of varieties admitting pseudo-N´eron models other than Abelian varieties. As an application of pseudo-N´eron models, given a scheme admitting a finite morphism to an Abelian scheme over a positive-dimensional base, we prove that for a very general genus-0, degree-d curve in the base with d sufficiently large, every section of the scheme over the curve is contained in a unique section over the entire base.
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  title={Pseudo-Neron model and restriction of sections},
  author={Santai Qu},
  booktitle={Michigan Math. J.},
Santai Qu. Pseudo-Neron model and restriction of sections. 2022. In Michigan Math. J..
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