A colimit of traces of reflection groups

Penghui Li Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Group Theory and Lie Theory mathscidoc:2205.17003

Proceedings of the AMS, 147, 2019.6
Li-Nadler proposed a conjecture about traces of Hecke categories, which implies the semistable part of the Betti geometric Langlands conjecture of Ben-Zvi-Nadler in genus 1. We prove a Weyl group analogue of this conjecture. Our theorem holds in the natural generality of reflection groups in Euclidean or hyperbolic space. As a corollary, we give an expression of the centralizer of a finite order element in a reflection group using homotopy theory.
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  title={A colimit of traces of reflection groups},
  author={Penghui Li},
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Penghui Li. A colimit of traces of reflection groups. 2019. Vol. 147. In Proceedings of the AMS. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20220518143725007180267.
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